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Established in southern Vermont in 2010, The Stone Trust’s mission is to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.  We do this through an expanding program of educational events and outreach projects. The Stone Trust is a multifaceted resource engaged in preserving the natural use of plentiful stone in simple, gratifying ways.

The Stone Trust Center is the only facility in North America that provides year round educational and DSWA certification opportunities for all levels and abilities. The Stone Trust is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization. It relies on contributions from people like you to keep it’s programs going. Help us continue to preserve and advance the art and craft of Dry Stone Walling!

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From the Blog
    Completed curved wall with guides removed
    Posted May 2, 2016

    he wallhead and the curve are two of the most demanding single elements in stone work. Demanding both in terms of the building requirements as well as the work they do. While the middle section of a straight freestanding wall is relatively static , the curve and wallhead both work a little harder in their lives. The wallhead “holds back ” the wall from the forces of lateral thrust trying to push and overturn it parallel to the length of the building line.
    The outside of the curve is subject to being “squeezed” or bulging outwardly. To counteract this natural tendency, in addition to proper building technique, tiestones or throughstones are a solidifying element to employ.

    Women's dry stone walling workshop group photo
    Women’s Workshop Success
    Posted May 2, 2016

    Our 2nd annual women’s workshop was huge success on Saturday April 30th. Kim Coggin from Johnstown PA and Jo Hodgson from Ottawa Canada were the two Certified Instructors. Hillary Dees also volunteered, making it the first time that all three certified Level 2 women wallers from North America were together.

    Just look at all those dry stone wallers at this NJ workshop
    NY-NJ Wall Workshop Success
    Posted April 19, 2016

    The Dry Stone Walling workshop in Mahwah NJ was a huge success with 30 participants building over 300 sq ft (600 face sq ft) of wall built in just 3 days.

    Special thanks to our four great instructors Brian Post, Jared Flynn, Michael Murphy, and Torben Larsen.

    Big Thanks to Kevin Simpson and Ama Koenigshof for arranging this workshop and doing all the set up.

    Nick Aiken at The Gathering of Stones 2013.  (image source stonefest.org)
    Nick Aitken, Master Craftsman
    Posted April 8, 2016

    Nick Aitken is one of the people in the world of dry stone walling you will want to meet. He is one of the best wallers in world and is a fantastic instructor of Dry Stone Walling. He has been involved in dry stone projects around the world and now for the first time is coming to the stone trust to teach our Irish and Scottish Dry Stone Walling Workshop May 13th and 14th. Nick will also be one of the examiners for our spring Certification test days, and he will be giving a presentation on dry stone walling in the evening of May 14th.

    Galloway dry stone wall with mixed rounded and angular stones
    An Evening of Dry Stone – May 14th
    Posted April 8, 2016

    Come join The Stone Trust in an Evening of presentations about Dry Stone Walls.

    Here is the itinerary (subject to updates)

    7:00pm Brief Introductory presentation about The Stone Trust.

    Learn about The Stone Trust’s origins, growth and current programming. By Brian Post Executive Director of The Stone Trust, Certified Advanced Waller and Licensed Landscape Architect.

    Feidin Stone Wall. Also known as an Irish Family Wall.
    The Galloway Dyke and the Feidín Wall
    Posted April 5, 2016

    The Galloway dyke and the Feidin wall are examples of build styles which use the available stone to best effect. Typically they are not built of uniformly shaped stones; the roughest material can be used to build a very attractive wall with a good mix of texture and color. Both styles could be adapted to produce good retaining walls.

    The style we know as the Galloway dyke is normally built ‘double’ to a height of about two feet with a course of coverbands on top of that. The wall is then built ‘single’, up to and including the copestones. The ‘single’ makes up a very impressive cope course, sometimes more than a couple of feet high. It overhangs the ‘double’ and was supposed to terrify sheep and deter them from attempting escape.

    Dry Stone Retaining Wall built by Kim Coggin
    My Path to Drystone
    Posted April 5, 2016

    Kim Coggin, the United States’ first DSWA-GB Certified Level 2 Women Waller and instructor reflects on her journey and joy of drystone construction.

    The 3 Common types of Dry Stone Walls - drawn by Brian Post
    Common Walling Types
    Posted March 15, 2016

    Did you know there are actually 3 different dry stone walling types that are all considered as good building practices? There are also additional local variations that use or combine these walling types into many visually stunning methods of building dry stone walls.

    Building dry stone wall
    Spring Workshops are filling Fast!
    Posted March 12, 2016
    Don't miss your opportunity to come to a workshop at The Stone Trust.  Registrations are coming in every day and some spring workshops are already full or nearly so.   Fortunately we have a big line up of workshops, and there is something for everyone more info...
    New York New Jersey Trail Conference Flyer
    Dry Stone Wall Workshops at the NY-NJ Trail Conference in Mahwah NJ
    Posted March 11, 2016
    Click Here for More Details and Registration Click Here for More Details and Registration
Upcoming Stone Trust Events
    level 2 pre test throughstone
    One-Day Test Preparation Workshop
    Friday, May 13, 2016

    Workshop Level: 1 & 2. Up to 16 participants with lead Instructor Seth Harris. This workshop is intended for those wallers who are testing for Level 1 or 2 certification, however it is open to all. $270 Prepare for your certification test! This workshop is more info…

    Typical Irish Family Dry Stone Wall (photo credit: glsmyth.com)
    Two Day Scottish and Irish Wall Workshop
    Sat.-Sun. May 14-15, 2016

    Workshop Level: 2. Up to 16 participants with instructors Dean McLellan and Nick Aitken. This workshop is intended for wallers who have taken at least 2 workshops, or have substantial experience. $390

    This workshop will build two sections of wall one in the Scottish ‘Galloway’ Style and one in the Irish ‘Family’ wall style. Galloway walls feature a single stack of large stones on top of a double stack of small stones. While it may seem counter intuitive it is very strong and fast to build. Irish Family walls are a style that involve a mix of vertically and horizontally placed stones in a variety of sizes to create a distinctive pattern with stones referred to as “children, mothers, fathers” based on their size and who might have placed them in the wall.

    Two day workshops attract lots of participants!
    Two Day Level One Workshop
    Sat.-Sun., May 14-15, 2016

    Workshop Level: 1. Up to 14 participants with two certified instructors. This workshop is intended for novice wallers . $350 This two day workshop will be spent at the master features park rebuilding sections of wall. Participants will learn all the basics + so much more info…

    Dry Stone Wall Test Candidates and Examiners
    2016 Spring Certification Test Days
    Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17, 2016 Registration deadline April 1st 2016

    Test Levels: 1, 2, 3, & 4. Up to 12 participants. Examiners Dean McLellan and Nick Aitken. Cost $350-$480 depending on Level Become a Certified Dry Stone Waller, or increase your level! Dry Stone Wall Certification is a must have for the professional waller or more info…

    Instructors class
    Instructors Certification Course
    Wed. - Thur. May 18-19, 2016

    Up to 18 participants. Taught by professional educator John Kerrick. $625 You must be a current member of the DSWA – GB to take this course! This two-day certification course teaches how to teach.  It is not a stone working course.  The mornings are spent in more info…

    Darlington Schoolhouse. The workshop will build a dry stone wall between the road and the front of the schoolhouse
    Memorial Day Weekend Workshop at the NY – NJ Trail Conference (Mahwah NJ)
    Sat. – Mon. May 28-30, 2016

    This is the 2nd of two planned workshops to build a permanent wall in front of the Trail Conferences’s new headquarters at the historic Darlington Schoolhouse in Mahwah NJ. This workshops will build a free-standing wall which will be three feet tall and run for over 160 ft. The wall will be built using the standard structural practices. The style of work will aim to match the historic dry stone walls and fences of the area. There are several cheek ends and curved section for the more advanced participants.

    Dry stone retaining wall for workshops
    One-Day Retaining Wall Workshop
    Sunday, June 26, 2016

    Workshop Level: 2. Up to 8 participants with one Certified Instructor. Open to those who have taken at least one Level 1 workshop (or are experienced wallers). $270 Here in the North East, many of the walls people are building are retaining walls. While all more info…

    Group Photo
    One-Day Indoor Introductory Workshop
    Sun. June 26, 2016

    Workshop Level: 1. Up to 15 participants with 2 Certified Instructors. Open to everyone. $245 This workshop is an excellent introduction to dry stone walling for the homeowner or hobbyist.   Over the course of the day each participant will build about 25 sq. ft. of more info…

    Dry Stone Wall Test Candidates and Examiners
    Deadline to sign up for September 2016 Certification Tests
    Monday, August 1st, 2016

    All test Levels. Costs vary by test Level. In order to take a certification test in the spring you must register by this April 1st. Usually it fills up weeks or months before this cut off deadline so sign up early. More about test days more info…

    May 2015 two day dry stone walling workshop group photo
    Fall 2-Day Workshop
    Sat. - Sun., September 24-25, 2016

    Workshop Level: 1 & 2. Up to 30 participants with 4 certified instructors. This workshop is intended for novice and experienced wallers . $350 This two day workshop will be spent at the master features park rebuilding sections of wall. Participants will learn all the basics + so much more info…

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