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2.50 Introduction to Stone Shaping Workshop

Dry Stone Wall Stone Shaping Course at The Stone Trust
Dry Stone Wall Stone Shaping Course at The Stone Trust

2.50 Introduction to Stone Shaping Workshop Overview:

This workshop will spend the day learning about how to shape stones for use in dry stone walls. Participants will be introduced to a variety of stone types, and how to work with them. Both hand and power tools will be demonstrated and used.

The stone shaping will focus on efficient practices, learning how to look at a stone and judge how to shape it, as well as proper use and care of tools. Typical types of stone will likely include, granite, slate, local quarried schist, a mix ‘field stone,’ ‘glacial till,’ and more. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their local stone to practice shaping, as well as any tools they would like to learn how to better use.

While lots of stone and other materials will be handled as part of this workshop, this workshop will not focus on building a wall. The assumption is that participants taking this workshop already know at least the basics of dry stone walling. This workshop will delve into stone shaping and to a much greater level of detail than workshops that focus on wall building.


This workshop is typically offered once every spring.

This course is commonly taught at:


More details coming soon.

Critical Information:

  • 2-day workshop.
  • Each day the workshop will run 9:00am-5:00pm with 1/2 hour lunch break.
  • Participants should wear boots and work clothes (have plenty of layers for cool weather)
  • What to bring:  gloves, rain gear, safety glasses, water, and lunch.  (There is no where close enough to buy lunch with in the lunch break)
  • All tools needed are provided.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring stone shaping tools they already own, and samples of the stone they work with.

Detailed info will be emailed to you once you register including what to bring and directions.

Licensed Landscape Architects can receive 7.5 LA CES credits for participating in this workshop.

Workshop quick guide:

  • Great ‘next step’ workshop
  • 1-day: 9am-5pm
  • Ideal for anyone working with stone
  • Try a wide range of techniques
  • Try out tools before you buy them
  • Prerequisite courses: Any 1.00 or 2.00 level course
  • Typically once per year in the spring.

One of the techniques taught in this workshop:

Landscape Architects receive 7.5 LA CES credits for taking this workshop

Photos from 2.50 workshops (photos from several locations)

Upcoming 2.50 Introduction to Stone Shaping Workshops:

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This workshop includes 4 days of training and the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) Level I (Initial) certification test on the final day. It is perfect for the landscape or masonry contractor interested in starting to build dry stone walls, or expand that line of work, and gain DSWA-GB Certification. Equivalent to a combination of courses 1.20, 2.8, and 2.9 plus much more! REGISTRATION DEADLINE is September 19, 2021!