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Professional Membership: $18/month ($216 per year)

For certified wallers, or those attempting certification.

Corporate Membership: $40/month ($480/year)

For quarries, tool and material suppliers, and other businesses interested in supporting The Stone Trust and marketing to its customers and members.

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Membership Policies

  • All memberships are annual, starting on March 1st. There is no price reduction for partial year membership, except for professionals paying monthly.
  • Membership registrations received after Nov. 1st will be applied to the following year (except for monthly professionals).
  • Membership will renew automatically with credit card payment
  • There is no refund for memberships canceled before the end of the membership year (March 1st).
  • Hard Copy Newsletters will start with a Spring 2017 edition. Subsequent editions will be published at a minimum of annually.

Registration Form Instructions

Since you are paying monthly you must pay online via PayPal. You can pay via PayPal with any major credit card without a PayPal account.  If you wish to pay annually, where you can pay by check, click here to return to the standard membership form.