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Brian Post

Brian Post

BRIAN POST started building walls at age 10.  Since then he has continued working with stone whenever possible.  In 2006 he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.  As part of his studies he spent 4 months in England, Scotland, and Wales working with several wallers including DSWA Master Craftsmen, Andrew Louden and Sean Adcock.

Brian is a DSWA-GB certified Master Craftsmen (Level IV). He is also a Certified Instructor. Brian is the only certified Master Craftsman who is also a Licensed Landscape Architect. Having knowledge from both the design world and the walling world gives Brian unique insights when teaching. Brian is also a DSWA-GB certified instructor and examiner.  Brian serves as the Executive Director of The Stone Trust, and is also the proprietor of Standing Stone Landscape Architecture, a design build firm specializing in complex dry stone projects.

Brian regularly works both in the design studio and in the field. In 2010 he started his own firm, Standing Stone Landscape Architecture.  Brian has served on the Board of Directors of the Stone Trust from 2013-15, and has been the Executive Director of The Stone Trust since 2015.

Read more about Brian and his business, Standing Stone Landscape Architecture.

Workshops taught by Brian:

  • 3.40 Stringlines & Batter Frames Workshop (1 Day, Outdoor): April 24, 2022 (Dummerston, VT)
    April 24, 2022
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Proper set up and use of batter frames and string lines is a real challenge for many wallers. We continually hear from examiners that poor use of string lines is one of the biggest reasons that wallers fail certification tests. You will learn multiple ways to build frames and use string lines to improve the efficiency of your building process and quality of the walls you build. PREREQUISITE: This workshop is intended for wallers who have taken one or more prior workshops, are level 1 or higher certified, or have experience building stone walls.

  • 4.70/5.20 Curved wall & Cheek End Feature Build: April 25-29, 2022 (Dutton Farm Walls)
    April 25, 2022 - April 29, 2022
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
    - Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 9am to 5pm each day.

Learn and build curves, cheek ends, and retaining walls! Come and join us for completing the Dutton Farm wall of which 900ft has been rebuilt over the past 10 years through Stone Trust Workshops.  This will be run as a combined 5.20 Feature build course for those with less experience (just 1 prior workshop needed), and a 4.70 Walling Day for those who are already Level II or higher DSWA-GB Certified.