Upcoming Workshops

Seth Harris instructing the 2016 Test Prep workshop

Prepare for your certification test! This workshop is perfect those planning to test on Monday. Learn tips and techniques to help you pass your test, all while practicing on the stone walls used for the tests. A must-take workshop for those planning to go for...

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Irregular field gathered flagging

Learn the fundamentals of patio construction in a fun, energetic, hands-on environment. While not strictly dry stone walling, flat-work is a common part of many projects. Doing a good job starts with a good foundation, and finishes with an attractive pattern of stone....

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This workshop is perfect for the homeowner, landscaper, mason, or enthusiast looking to start learning about how to build dry stone walls, or to improve your skills. Over the course of the two days each participant will build about 35 sq. ft. of wall (one side),...

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