Introductory Patio Flagging and Flat-work: One Day Outdoor

Workshop Level: 1.  Up to 8 participants with certified instructors Brian Post.  Open to all. $293

Friday September 8, 2017

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Have a patio or walk way to build?  This is the workshop for you!

Learn the fundamentals of patio construction in a fun, energetic, hands-on environment.  While not strictly dry stone walling, flat-work is a common part of many projects.  Doing a good job starts with a good foundation, and finishes with an attractive pattern of stone.  This workshop will teach you how to have a workshop that stays flat and attractive for decades.

This workshop will begin with the fundamentals of site layout and foundation preparation.  A variety of different materials will be shown and discussed.  Participants will then finish preparing the foundation on the chosen site.  Specialized tools such as laser levels and grade rakes will be introduced, as well as ways to do a great job common place tools.

Several different flagging stone types will be introduced, along with methods of patterning and shaping to achieve an attractive layout.  For much of the afternoon participants will work with natural random flagging, such as goshen stone.  Participants will learn how to shape the pieces for a tight fit and how to level and pack them for a smooth even finish.

Participants will be working together to create a beautiful addition to the Master Feature Park.

Learn the fundamentals for long-lasting, beautiful patios and walkways!

Pair this workshop with the Fall 2-day wall building workshop for 3 days of fantastic stonework education and fun!

Photos of flagging, patios, walkways and flat-work from certified wallers across North America.  Click Here for More

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Irregular field gathered flagging
Irregular field gathered flagging