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Arch Bridge Workshop

Arch by Torben Larsen

Women's Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stone Steps by Michael Weitzner

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Stonework by TJ Mora

Stone Arch Bridge Tour, Southern NH

Small Stone Arch Workshop

Stonework by David Fielder

Intro to Dry Stone Walling Workshop

Stonework by Brian Post

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Feel free to visit the Stone Wall Park any time during daylight hours. You may also want to download a map of nearby dry stone features built by local wallers. Check out the Scott Farm, site of the Stone Trust Center.

Welcome to the Stone Trust

Established in southern Vermont in 2010, The Stone Trust’s mission is to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. We do this through an expanding program of educational events and outreach projects. The Stone Trust is a multifaceted resource engaged in preserving the natural use of plentiful stone in simple, gratifying ways.

The Stone Trust Center is the only facility in North America that provides year round educational and DSWA certification opportunities for all levels and abilities. The Stone Trust is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization. It relies on contributions from people like you to keep its programs going. Help us continue to preserve and advance the art and craft of Dry Stone Walling!

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From the Blog

    Passed! Ben Sandri’s Level 3 Waller Certification, Part A Feature Wall
    Posted May 31, 2023
    Congratulations, Ben! The day after Spring Test Day at the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, a group traveled to Dublin, New Hampshire for the assessment of Ben Sandri's Level 3A feature wall. Ben sited his wall at 233 Bonds Corner Road, the home of his brother John. Locating a site presents a challenge to aspiring [...]
    Master Class: A Modern Beehive Oven
    Posted May 31, 2023

    A while ago, when researching Clochans, I came across a picture advertising a workshop that Irish stone mason Pat McAfee was going to be running at at “Stonefest” (marenakos Stone) Seattle, there last September father and son teams built a beehive structure/s as part of a 5 day workshop.

    Ecology of Stone — June 2, 2023
    Posted May 30, 2023
    Friends of the Stone Trust increasingly explore the ways dry stonework creates positive impacts on the landscape--urban, rural, and suburban. Reduced carbon emissions Habitat creation to protect biodiversity Water management Durable, culturally apt transportation infrastructure... Please be in touch with your thoughts regarding "dry stone as a resource in a contemporary approach (http://pierreseche-international.org/en/)." Dry stone [...]
    Historic Significance –June 2, 2023
    Posted May 30, 2023
    Many communities express interest in preserving their historic landmarks, an endeavor which quite often requires dry stone walling expertise. If you have a preservation project in mind, please be in touch. Archeological Query: A Prohibition Still? What do YOU know? Beth, whose family has owned a farm in upstate New York since the 1960s, recently [...]
    June Waller of the Month: Terrapin Landscape
    Posted May 27, 2023

    TERRAPIN LANDSCAPES (Maine) — Terrapin Landscapes is a full-service outfit specializing in design, installation, and maintenance of quality hardscapes and softscapes. Over the last five years they have established a presence in the dry stone community with multiple projects that have incorporated dry stone walls and columns, as well as various dry stone features. Terrapin has fostered a passion for the craft by supporting their employees’ education through workshops and certification, both in walling skill-levels and instructor schemes set forth by the DSWA and hosted by the Stone Trust

    Restoration Completed Finishing the Historic Dutton Farm Wall
    Posted May 26, 2023

    Its one thing to work on a beautiful workshop wall at The Stone Trust where walls go up and down every month, its another to dive into an historic farm wall that has been part of the landscape for over 100 years. It creates a sense of respect to think that the wall that we are rebuilding will hopefully be around for another 100 years.

    Learning and applying the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling, May 6-7 in New Hampshire
    Posted May 24, 2023
    Thanks for coming to the Stone Trust NH to the May 6th & 7th 2-Day Intro and Cheek Rebuild workshops! Most of you came to learn the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling.  A couple of you returned to learn what to do when your wall comes to an end. You applied the 5 [...]
    Three Days of Happy Walling at the Stone Trust Barre
    Posted May 24, 2023
    The first weekend in May was a busy one for the Stone Trust with eight different workshops at four different sites. The Stone Trust @ The Vermont Granite Museum in Barre offered three full days of learning to nine excited wallers. Friday and Saturday they learned the 5 basic rules of dry stone walling at [...]
    Stone Trust Workshops at Opus 40: An Amazing Combination of Inspiration and Learning!
    Posted May 17, 2023
    On the first weekend in May, the Stone Trust hosted two simultaneous workshops at Opus 40, a world-famous sculpture park and museum in Saugerties, New York. Created by artist and professor Harvey Fite over the course of nearly forty years, Fite’s opus is currently undergoing a multi-year restoration to rebuild sections that are failing. Brian [...]
    Nothing Beats a Day of Walling, Except a Day of Walling With Friends
    Posted May 17, 2023
    The Stone Trust Center hosted two consecutive 1-Day Intros this weekend–luckily two days of beautiful weather. The Sunday group included ten wallers excited to learn about dry stone walling. Many of you came with friends, whether it be a neighbor, partner, or father/daughter. Those of you who came solo may have bonded over your love [...]

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