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First January Walling Workshop in a Warm PA Barn

What a great way to start off the 2023 year to have 6 wonderful wallers join us at the Stone Trust, PA! Wasn’t it great to be walling in the barn with a nice, warm woodstove on a cold January day? We are so excited to be able to offer this indoor space to our wallers during the cold months.

Half of you came to this workshop from the East Coast and half of you came all the way from Missouri! Thank you all for your commitment to learning and advancing your knowledge.

All but one of you came to this workshop without any dry stone walling experience. By the end of the workshop, you felt confident you had learned the basic principles of dry stone walling. You understand why a wall is built with batter. You know how stringlines create smooth wall faces. And you know how to pack the center with hearting. Some of you got a bit of stone shaping experience, too.

Here are a couple of videos to reinforce and extend what you learned from Kim and Jerry about how to ensure your projects stand against the forces of time, friction and gravity:
Setting up Batter Boards

Your New Best Friend: Batter Boards

This introduction gave you great exposure to the basics of dry stone walling. You can pursue additional training through the Curriculum in Dry Stone. You may also like to join the Friends of the Stone Trust PA.

Thank you, Kim and Jerry Coggin, for your warm welcome and sharing your incredible knowledge. Thanks to everyone for coming to join the first workshop of the year at the Stone Trust, PA!