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1-Day Intro Workshop: Aug. 16, 2020

Three women and three men came to The Stone Trust Center to learn the basic tools needed to build a dry stone wall. Who are they and why did they decide to spend eight hours on a summer Sunday lifting and placing stone? Half arrived to learn how to rebuild the stone fences they inherited with their property. One came to see how to improve his attempts at a new stone wall. One came in companionship. And two arrived inspired by professional members to pursue career development.

Along with introductions, instructor TJ Mora introduced the five simple rules that enable a dry stone wall to stay in place. Then each person set to work on one of our “social distance” stints.

Intro workshops take place in a new format these days. Previously, participants dismantled and rebuilt one 25-square-foot face of a double-faced wall, while another person did the same on the opposite side. Nowadays, each person builds both faces of a shorter wall. Novice wallers can’t build both faces of a 5-foot tall wall in one day.

Participants reported enjoying understanding proper construction, hands-on practice, personal tutoring, and an inspiring setting. One person highly recommends that we add knee pads to the list of things to bring when you come. We’ll do that!