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Thanks for joining our first season in Pennsylvania! October 16, 2021

1-Day Intro Workshop Group, October 16, 2021, South Fork, PA
Thanks for making the trip to our second workshop in Pennsylvania. You all arrived early, highly excited and full of energy. Kim and Jerry noted that you’d done your homework; you came knowing the value of dry stone walling techniques and excited to learn.
Most of you are homeowners with projects. You brought a range of experience from little to none to quite a lot. A couple of you had built walls on your property and wanted to rebuild to a more durable standard. Some of you had done some flatwork using various hardscape materials. One of you is an architect learning the basics with the intention of applying your knowledge to the foundation of an outbuilding. Two of you are masons adding dry stone walling to your skill set.
The weather decided to throw us a hard curve ball.  It was windy, chilly and rained off and on all day.  Despite the trying weather conditions, everyone came prepared and maintained a great attitude all day. It was a huge success with everyone gaining a new understanding of dry wall techniques.
Several of you said you can’t wait to come back to learn more. Consider the early October  Cheek Rebuild workshop so you know how to bring your wall to a beautiful and durable end–a vertical wall end. Please see our upcoming course listing for retaining wall, stone shaping, flagging/patio, and steps and stairs workshops in other locations.
Thanks to Kim and Jerry Coggin for their commitment to developing a workshop site where they can teach the whole Curriculum in Dry Stone. It has been a years-long labor of love that continues.
Do be in touch with questions about further training and certification.