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1-Day Intro Workshop: Sept. 12, 2020

What brings people to an Introduction to Dry Stone Walling workshop? For some people it’s a visit to Scott Farm’s orchard to pick apples. They experience the Stone Wall Park and follow the intrigue. For others it’s the purchase of a home with 200-year-old stone walls that they feel inspired to rebuild. Some people come having built many walls and wanting to add knowledge to their experience. Saturday’s workshop included that range of motivation. So what did participants learn?

Instructors TJ Mora and Torben Larsen guided students Kat, John, Norman, John, and Justin as each build both faces of a freestanding stone wall. Together they examined the structure of existing walls. Then each student deconstructed their own stint, so they can apply the principles that result in a structurally sound wall. In the process, they learned how to be safe when walling and got tips from professional wallers about how to work efficiently. They learned terminology while building a first lift, using stringlines and batter frames to guide their work. They learned how through stones tie the two faces of their wall together and then they built their second lift. As the day came to an end, they added the cover bands and copes to finish their wall, again tying their wall together. Throughout the day, participants practiced building a wall to stand against the forces of friction and gravity, against the forces of time.

At the end of the day, students said they most appreciated instructors’ emphasis on fundamentals and their teaching of good habits. Sounds like if good walls make good neighbors, good walling builds good character!

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