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Nothing Beats a Day of Walling, Except a Day of Walling With Friends

The Stone Trust Center hosted two consecutive 1-Day Intros this weekend–luckily two days of beautiful weather. The Sunday group included ten wallers excited to learn about dry stone walling. Many of you came with friends, whether it be a neighbor, partner, or father/daughter. Those of you who came solo may have bonded over your love for stone while touring the Stone Park before the workshop started, or as the day went on. As the Stone Trust knows, it is more fun to build with friends.

A couple of you came from nearby, taking full advantage of the Stone Trust Center proximity. Others came from other parts of New England, and one from Washington! Everyone came to the workshop looking to learn for projects on their properties at home. Some came simply to learn something new. You left the workshop feeling confident that you could apply the basic principles of dry stone walling to a project on your own. One of you even mentioned that you would be interested in pursuing your Level 1 certification after the day was done. How exciting that this one day of learning could lead to more!

Thank you instructors, Andras Lazar and Dario Coletta. Your positive attitude and knowledge created a pleasant environment for wallers to learn. Participants wanted you to know that “you did a great job!”