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1st hard copy Member Newsletter ever!

The Stone Trust’s 1st ever hard copy member newsletter has just been sent out today!  If your a member it should be arriving soon.  If not sign up as a member and we will sent it right out to you!

This 16 page newsletter contains exclusive content that dry stone wallers and wall enthusiasts will find informative and interesting.

This inaugural 2017 issue contains:

  • Director’s Update
  • Article on Pennsylvania dry stone blast furnaces:  These huge smelting furnaces are amazing structures!
  • Featured Article: Pricing Products and Services.  This 5 page article covers the answers of the age old question for business owners “how much should I charge?”  Written in easy to understand language and with examples that relate to walling businesses, this article contains incredibly valuable knowledge for anyone who is a business owner or self employed.  Click here to read an excerpt.
  • Photo Gallery:  6 pages of walling photos submitted by professional members.  From historic to contemporary, and awesome to ‘opps’.
  • A Visit to Coniston Copper Mines:  A look at some of the dry stone structures remaining from the mining industry near Coniston, in Cumbria England.

This newsletter content is available only to members (at any level).  If your not a member yet, now is a great time to join!  Receive the newsletter and all the other benefits of Stone Trust Membership!  Click here to sign up as a member and read more about the benefits!