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Level 1 Waller Success at Contractor’s Intensive in PA

Thanks to everyone involved in this year’s first Contractor’s Intensive workshop. Your eagerness to learn made it possible that all 5 of you passed your Level 1 Certification. Congratulations!


All of you came from out of the state for this workshop and test day. Three of you came from Michigan, one from New York, and one from Virginia. Everyone came with experience in landscaping and hardscaping, but still you felt like you learned and grew from this experience. Many of you appreciated the environment of the indoor barn and stove, as well as the atmosphere of learning with others. We know that the barn was a necessity with the variety of weather you got last week, from snow and ice to a sunny 70° day.


After passing your Level 1 Certification, most of you expressed interest in continuing to pursue your Level 2 Intermediate Certification. It is so encouraging to see your enthusiasm for dry stone walling and your curiosity to expand your knowledge. One of you wants to learn how to make this into a business, and another wants to learn more about unique stone features. To help you, consider the Curriculum in Dry Stone for next steps. It’s amazing how much there is to learn about dry stone walling and we can’t wait to see what you do next.


A big thank you to Dean McLellan for traveling through ice and snow, from Ontario to Pennsylvania, to be the assessor for Friday’s test day. The Stone Trust truly appreciates your commitment to helping wallers become DSWA-Certified. Qualified assessors are few and far between in North America, so we are especially grateful that you could make the trip.


Thanks again to Kim and Jerry Coggin for providing a warm space and expert instruction as always.