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Through Grit and Application, Five More Professionals Achieved Certification

Thoughts from instructor, Martin Beevers

As is becoming customary, the Stone Trust’s 5-Day Contractor’s Intensive was the opener for the 2023 workshop season in Tennessee. My favorite course to teach. A real chance to spend time with the participants, get to know them and see real growth. It’s a tough week, make no mistake. But, seeing the sense of achievement at the end is so rewarding for all concerned.

Five young and professionally motivated stone enthusiasts came from Indiana, North Carolina, Utah and Tennessee. The weather didn’t play fair. Something else that is unfortunately becoming customary. Cold, cold mornings. A bit of sun sprinkled in to let us know spring is around the corner. And then a torrential start to the test day. It didn’t matter. Everybody showed grit and application and all passed their Level 1 DSWA certification. A great group of folks and a terrific start to the year!

Participant Feedback

“Overall a great class and well set up to help everyone be successful on the test.”

Two of you came with little experience and three of you had at least five years of professional experience. It is nice that all of you were able to learn from one another during this week-long course. One of you mentioned that you would like to learn more about cheek ends, steps and stairs, and retaining walls in the future. It is so exciting to see what all of you will do with your certification.

Thank you to Martin Beevers and Stew Devaney for sharing their knowledge and expertise.

A big thank you to Michael Weitzner as well for traveling to Tennessee as the assessor for test day. It takes dedicated Level 4 Master Craftsmen trained as DSWA assessors to make certification happen. We appreciate your dedication.