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2-Day Cheek Rebuild, Dummerston, 9/24 & 25

Instructor Sam Brakeley writes:

“We had a lovely weekend for the cheek rebuild workshops. We ended up with four participants in the cheek rebuild, and all had great fun. Three came in with minimal experience and one came in with none. But after an overview, we hit the ground running on Saturday and never looked back!

By the end of the day on Saturday we were nearing throughstone placement, and on Sunday afternoon we beat some threatening rain drops to finish with good solid coverbands and copes. All learned a ton which resulted in two good-looking cheek ends!

Super positive participants who all benefited a ton from the experience.”

Thanks to everyone for coming! It’s a great help to the dry stone walling community every time someone advances  your know-how from wall faces to vertical wall ends. A key step in knowing how to build a wall that will stand the test of time. A key structure to allow you to build more advanced features. And an important step to building your professional credentials. DSWA Level 2 Waller is the professional standard around the globe.

And thanks to Ree Davies for providing site coordination.