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Inaugural Stone Trust workshop in Tennessee!

We had a great turnout for the first Stone Trust workshop in Nashville. Participants came from Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee and Michigan. A 50/50 male/female split of beginners with little or no experience.

This was a two-day introduction to dry stone walling covering all the basic techniques required to construct a section of freestanding wall. Half the group had home projects to return to and half had serious interests in pursuing a career involving dry stone work. This Stone Trust course is an excellent place to start.

(Please see our Curriculum in Dry Stone and read about the certification process for insights into becoming a professional dry stone waller. Feel free to peruse our Professional Member Directory, too, to see where people are working and what kinds of stone work they produce.)

The weather on Saturday really did test our resolve but everybody pulled through and came up smelling of roses on what turned out to be a glorious sunny Sunday.

Big thanks to Seth Harris and Patrick Lemmon for excellent assistance in teaching.

Thanks also to all the participants who showed grit and determination in testing conditions, and last but not least to Lesley Mortimer-Wallace for providing a great workshop site experience.

And thanks to Martin Beevers for getting the whole Stone Trust Tennessee experience underway