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Two days of walling at the Vermont Granite Museum (July 27 & 28, 2019)

On July 27th and 28th, our first full-curriculum 2-Day Introductory Workshop was held at the  Vermont Granite Museum in Barre, VT and the weather was great! Over the course of two days, our small group of 6 participants and 2 instructors stripped out and rebuilt nearly 20 ft. of wall! Participants were able to raise the height of the existing wall to 48” tall and to make new cope stones with the shaping tools.

This included two more experienced participants tackling the more technical rebuild of a cheek end in preparation for level 2 testing in the fall.

At this site most of the walling stone was a Phyllite geologic stone (metamorphic) from Frank Mitchell Quarry in Plainfield VT. Since several participants had taken workshops at our other locations, this allowed them to have a different building experience. Since Barre is known for its granite, it only seemed fitting to also have some magnificent granite foundation and cheek end stones. How could you wall in downtown Barre without getting some granite in there?

The workshop marked an exciting step toward the continued development of a new workshop site for The Stone Trust — one that pairs the unique history of the Vermont granite industry, regional stone resources, and the opportunity to experience it all while learning to wall with The Stone Trust.

Instructors for the workshop were DSWA-GB Certified Advanced Waller & Instructor Jamie Masefield and DSWA-GB Certified Intermediate Waller & Instructor, Jordan Keyes.

Enjoy the photos below!