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A “Lake Woebegone” Workshop: 2-Day Intro, August 6 &7, NH

Pete Ryder, site facilitator of the Stone Trust New Hampshire site, described the weather and the flow of interaction at August’s 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling this way, “Everything seemed above average.” He said, “It was kind of a Lake Woebegone workshop.” Judging by the photos, you can see what he means!

As always, participants came with a range of experience, almost all new to dry stone walling, many with walls to rebuild on their property, several with “knowledge of craft and physical labor,” including timber framing and residential/commercial contracting.  One does restoration masonry and is a member of the Boston Bricklayers Union. Another is “looking for a new vocation to study and learn.” It is likely that each one “is quite a creative and handy person in general,” as one participant told us when he registered.

This workshop hosted people from New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and California. Much of the time participants are fairly local to the Northeast. Increasingly, people travel across the country to learn what they want to know about dry stone masonry construction.

For a list of professionals dry stone wallers from coast to coast trained by the Stone Trust, please see our Professional Member Directory. Feel free to contact people near you; you help build the walling community that way. Do be patient and persistent; it’s walling season. Contractors are out straight!

From wherever you hail, we thank you for coming to learn what you want to know. As you put your knowledge to work, you help preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Thanks to Pete, Andras Lazar, and Curtis Gray for teaching what they know so well!

To register for upcoming workshops, click here.