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2-Day Intro & Cheek End: Sept. 18 & 19, 2021 (TN)

Well it rained and it rained from pretty much start to finish. By 10:00 AM on Saturday I was ready to call it. The truth of the matter is, the Nashville site is very close to the Harpeth river and flooding isn’t uncommon. After we lost two canopies to the deluge I gave everybody the option to come back at a later date. Not a chance came the reply. With folk coming in from  Colorado, North Carolina, Virginia, East Tennessee, Kentucky and a return participant from Texas, nobody was ready to quit.

I was hugely impressed with the spirit of the group. All had home projects and a keen desire to learn. These workshops are a joy to teach. Sure, the weather tested us all. But once again, a great community bond developed and even the weather eased just in time for the final photo call.

Next workshop is October 23/24. If you’re ready to learn more, come to the 2-Day Cheek Rebuild workshop and apply what you know about the basics to a vertical wall end!

two-day introduction to dry stone walling covering all the basic techniques