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Extremely enjoyable and fun! Need a shower now (Intro, 6/11-12, MN)

The Minnesota workshop this past weekend was a great success.  We had ten participants from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and New York.  The weather forecast for Saturday predicted scattered showers, but fortunately the rain held off and came Sunday morning instead, with about a half an inch during the beginning of the day.  The rain held off the predicted heat and kept the dust down.

The workshop participants de-constructed a section of existing wall to rebuild, along with a new stint we added.  The Minnesota site now has over 130 feet of standing workshop wall.  Participant enthusiasm was great, and several expressed interest in attending the stone shaping workshop in July.

The two day-workshop format allows for a more detailed explanation of the how and why we build dry stone structures with particular construction methods, and allows us to dive into more of the physics and geometric properties of the stone and interactions within the structure.

I want to give a special thanks to Victoria Merriman for traveling to Minnesota to co-instruct the workshop.
Thank you to Chris Gagnon of Northland Landscape Nursery for allowing the Stone Trust to continue to use their space for the workshops.
And thanks to Anna McLafferty and Neftali for assisting with sorting the new wall stone for the wall extension, and Jacqueline Higgins for volunteering to take most of the workshop images.  I look forward to the next event!
Dan Peterson, Lead Instructor and Founder of the Stone Trust @ Minneapolis, MN