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2-Day Intro to Walling: October 23 & 24, 2021 (TN)

Site facilitator and instructor Martin Beevers wrote:

Fall has well and truly come to Tennessee. It’s colder, but that isn’t Vermont cold. It’s Tennessee cold. Which basically means long sleeves in the morning, T shirts by noon. I could do summer all year round, but the world keeps on turning, so I’m not going to get my wish and the teaching season will draw to an inevitable close. This was the penultimate workshop of 2021 and I was joined by four participants from as far away as Beacon, NY and as close as Franklin, TN. 

Due to the early arrival of all participants, we were able to have an extended and much more detailed introductory discussion on all the factors involved in dry stone construction and this really set everyone off on the right foot. I do enjoy watching the growth in confidence and ability when I get a group of complete novices taking their first tentative steps. There was some good wall building done by the end of Sunday and it was a really enjoyable and productive two days. I know most of the guys will be coming back for the Nashville Historic Wall Rebuild in the spring of 2022. (Keep on the lookout for registration to open within the next week or two.)

The final Tennessee workshop of 2021 is the 5-day Contractors Intensive between the 8th and 12th of November. This is the most efficient way to achieve Dry Stone Walling Association Level 1 Initial Waller Certification. Four such workshops are scheduled in 2022, two in Tennessee. These workshops fill up fast. If your interested, register now.

Thanks to everyone for making the trip! And thanks to Martin for founding the Stone Trust site in Tennessee!