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A wonderful weekend with Intro to Walling and Cheek Ends (May 4 & 5, 2019)

24 workshop participants took down and reassembled nearly 80 linial feet of dry stone wall.  Learning the principles of how to build correctly so the walls will stand the test of time.  From foundations, to setting the top cope stones on everyone did a fantastic job and learned a lot.  The instructors for the workshop were DSWA-GB Master Craftsmen Michael Weitzner and Chris Tanguay along with DSWA-GB Intermediate Waller, Ben Maron.  Working primarily with Michael Weitzner, the more advanced 2.40 Cheek Rebuild participants rebuild two cheek ends (wall ends) and learned about the importance of getting these features stacked just right, along with lots of shaping techniques to help achieve that.

Our next running of this courses is Sept 21 & 22.  Click here for more info on the 1.20 two day introductory workshop