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2-day Workshop with Tear Cap Workshops in Maine

Workshop site for the August 2018 2-Day Stonewall Building Workshop with Tear Cap Workshops
Workshop site for the August 2018 2-Day Stonewall Building Workshop with Tear Cap Workshops
Workshop site for the August 2018 2-Day Stonewall Building Workshop with Tear Cap Workshops

August 18th & 19th – Discount Available to Stone Trust Members!

Join Tear Cap Workshops in partnership with The Stone Trust for a weekend of Stonewall Building in Hiram, Maine. Registration is through Tear Cap Worskhops here.

This is the perfect workshop for anyone to start learning how to build dry stone walls! Over the course of the class, each participant will build about 25 square feet of wall using local field stone. Participants will learn all the basic rules of structural walling that can be applied to any type of stone and project. This workshop is suited to both beginners and those with previous experience; all that is required is enthusiasm for stone walls!

Class will being at 9am and end at 5pm, both days
Lead Instructor: Michael Murphy, Level III, DSWA
Assistant Instructor: David Inman, Level II, DSWA
Class size is open to 10 participants;
Registration Required through Tear Cap Workshops

Non-Member: $550
Member of either Tear Cap Workshops or The Stone Trust: $495

For more information about the Stonewall Building Class on Tear Cap’s website:
2-Day Stonewall Building Class

Tear Cap and The Stone Trust

More About Tear Cap Workshops

Tear Cap Workshops is a 501(3)(c) non-profit organization with the mission to unleash creativity through hands-on learning. Our facility is a former sawmill in Hiram, Maine that we are re-purposing into an artisan collective and craft school. The name “Tear Cap” comes from the mountain peak that rises to the north above our campus; “Workshops” refers both to the workshop space available to rent and to hands-on workshops for educational skill building.

Last fall, TCW purchased a 19-acre campus, and we’re slowing transforming the 11 buildings into usable workshop space. We have 4 creative tenants currently: a timber framer, a cabinetmaker, a mosaic glass artisan, and a builder of small homes and campers. We have an emerging hands-on workshop schedule: stonewall building this summer, thanks to the Stone Trust; and woodworking coming this fall with the completion of the Community Woodworking Shop.

Our vision is to unleash creative pursuits in all people through hands-on workshops, classes, educational events, internship and volunteer opportunities. We hope to nurture the development and success of artists, craftspeople, and small creative businesses by offering affordable, aesthetic and inspiring rental spaces within our campus. We aim to build community between varied creative disciplines —wood, metal, stone, food — connected by their importance to rural life in Maine. We will help people to connect and learn together to enhance the creative experience, fostering inspiration and creative advancement for people with skill levels from beginner to expert.

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