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2016 Year End Letter and Appeal for Donations

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Text From Annual Letter:


2016 was the The Stone Trust’s best year ever! We have grown
dramatically in every way possible, adding new programs, services, and
educational offerings. Every time we expanded our workshop offerings,
the registrations rolled in, and workshops filled up.

Thanks to the generous support of last year’s donors, we
expanded our Master Features Park. This has really paid off! We ran
more events there than any previous year, bringing in additional tuition
and increasing our financial stability. Highlights from our 2016 events
are on the back, check them out.

As we come to the end of a very successful year, we are asking
you to support our growth by funding two major initiatives. After
many requests, we will be starting a scholarship fund in 2017. Your
donation will make it possible for men and women with limited
financial resources to participate in our world class walling workshops.
We have more good news to share: The Landmark Trust and
Scott Farm have granted us use of an additional 9600 sq feet of outdoor
space at no cost, allowing us to build another big expansion of the
Masters Feature Park.

If we can raise enough money to match a $7000 grant, we
can prepare the site, purchase stone, and turn this new space into a
one-of-a-kind zone for dry stone walling education! Because the walls
are dismantled and rebuilt in every class, this investment will last for
decades. Countless wallers learning this ancient art and craft will
benefit for years to come.

Thank you for your support of our exciting new initiatives!

The Board of Directors