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2018 Instructors Course Success

The DSWA-GB Instructors course was once again held at the Stone Trust.  We had 10 certified wallers attend and become Dry Stone Walling Instructors.

Steve Jonas facilitated the DSWA-GB course.  Steve is professional educator who specializes in training for group management and facilitation.  His knowledge and experience was key to the success of the course.  Many of the attendees were pleasantly surprised that the course is not administered by a waller, and this is by design.  The course is all about how to teach and manage a group.    Brian Post helped with applying the knowledge to The Stone Trust curriculum’s and policies as well as those of the DSWA.  Several experienced DSWA-GB instructors sat in on the course as well and were able to share their knowledge too.

Congratulations to the new Certified Instructors who are:

Ronald Neil
Daniel Peterson
Alex Hoffmeier
Judith Rand
Peter Ryder
Jordan Keyes
Daniel Arabella
David Inman
Karl Gifford
Andras Lazar
Stone Trust instructors who earned certification in 2018
Group Picture form the 2018 Instructors Course
Practice instruction in action