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2020 Workshops and Early Bird Pricing

This year The Stone Trust offers 36 regular workshop offerings across our Curriculum in Dry Stone. We’re also offering Early Bird registration at 2019 prices to people who register 6 weeks in advance. Check course listings.

Take one of our three versions of Introduction to Dry Stone, the prerequisite course for our advanced offerings. We offer 13 sessions in 2020, beginning in early April and running through December 12. See this year’s workshop schedule.

Our Fundamentals of Walling workshops include 2 sessions of our popular 5-Day Contractors Intensive. Professionals and homeowners alike appreciate the compact format that includes the Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain’s Level 1 Certification test. This course enrolls fast, so consider registering now for the December session, 12/7-11; the March session is sold out. In addition to the 5-Day, hardscapers, landscapers, and gardening enthusiasts also get a lot out of our 1-Day Contractors Intensive. Offered 3 times in 2020, hands-on building, discussions of good work practices, pricing walls, proper foundations, etc. make this an apt choice for contractors seeking to add dry stone walls to their repertoire. Spots available in our March 13, March 28, and December 12 sessions.

Other highlights of this year’s Fundamentals workshops include spring and fall Retaining Wall workshops, a spring Stone Shaping workshop, and especially important for people seeking Level 2 certification, the Cheek End workshop. Prep for the Level 1 Test at our Test Prep workshop on April 25. Take the test on May 1.

Level 3 Dry Stone Waller courses lead to Level 2 Intermediate certification. Spring courses include Stringlines and Batter Frames, Dry Stone Steps and Stairs, and Fundamentals of Flagging. Flagging repeats September 18 at Stoneyard in Littleton, MA.

If you’re testing for Level 2 this spring, you’ll want to sign up for Level 2 Test Prep on April 25 followed by Walling Day on April 26. Practice, practice, practice with fellow wallers! Be ready for the Level 2 Test on May 2.

In February, Advanced Wallers will participate in the Dry Stone Walling Instructors course. Ten will be newly certified, while five are refreshing their teaching skills. During spring and fall test days, some will attempt Level 3 certification.

At the Master Craftsman level, The Stone Trust offers the 2-Day Feature Build. Remember to look at each course for prerequisites. You don’t have to be a Master Craftsman to participate. Many, if not most, workshops are open to people who have completed the Introduction to Dry Stone Walls.

See you at a workshop!