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2021 Workshops at Broad View Farm, Mont Vernon, NH

Broadview Farm Stone Trust workshop site wall

Come learn the basics of building a freestanding, double-face dry stone wall at Broad View Farm:

Once you’ve gotten the basics, come back to learn how to build a wall end. As wallers say, every wall comes to an end, a cheek end! Why not apply what you’ve learned in an intro workshop while learning to build a wall end?

Anyone testing for a Level 2 test in September or the coming year will want to be sure to have good instruction and plenty of practice building cheek ends. The cheek end is marked higher than any other category on that test.

Add additional skills and knowledge at during the October Medley Weekend. Each weekend includes introductory workshops, retaining walls, stone shaping, flagging/patio work, and steps & stairs. Find the whole list of classes offered from October 21 through 24 and register here.