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2021 workshops now open for registration!

Inquiries come in from near and far, as far afield as Seattle and Kansas. The question: Are we planning to run workshops in 2021? Be assured that we are!

From July through October 2020, The Stone Trust successfully and safely ran workshops in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Minnesota. Our strategy: enroll at half capacity to accommodate social distancing, rigorously promote and implement public health policy throughout the registration process, develop a system for rescheduling or refunding people unable to meet travel guidelines. We will use the same strategy in 2021 and trust in our collective wisdom to keep each other safe. Stone Trust workshops are open for registration! We hope you will come learn with us.

The 2021 season opens with early April workshops for professionals and avid enthusiasts:

See also our schedule of Introductory Dry Stone courses in 1- and 2-day formats, including workshops taught by and for women, as well as our Contractors Intro, suited for professionals and others with big plans.

Advanced wallers won’t want to miss the 3-Day Feature Build workshop, May 14 through 16 at The Stone Trust Center’s Stone  Wall Park. Come build arches, stiles, corners, and other features. 5 spots available. See prerequisites.

Finally, 2021 brings several 4-Day Medleys, like last year’s July and October workshop series . In order to help people travel less and learn more, we have scheduled workshops in sequences, to allow you to add the knowledge and skills you are seeking in a concentrated period of time. Come in April for our:

See our workshop schedule for a second Medley Weekend in July. We anticipate a third such series of course, as yet unscheduled, in October. Please be in touch with comments and questions: