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Workshops Added for Professionals, Certification Testers, and Walling Enthusiasts

2020 Fall Retaining Wall Workshop

We appreciate the comments and queries we received after we opened 2021 workshops for registration. Thanks for helping us understand what many of you are looking for from us: opportunities to pursue Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) certification along with training and support to accomplish it. Thank you for being patient as we continue to figure out how to provide high-quality training in a reasonably comfortable setting. We have added two sessions of our 5-Day Contractors Intensive, a Walling Skills Intensive, and an Advanced Walling Day. Registration is open for all 2021 Vermont workshops.

In previous years, early and late season workshops took place in our Indoor Training Center or at Stoneyard. These workshops will now take place outside, until we access dedicated indoor space large enough to accommodate the need to social distance. We will do our best to provide shelter and warmth consistent with contractors’ expectations of a work site.

2020 Instructors Course

For people wanting to achieve Dry Stone Walling Association of Great Britain (DSWA-GB) Level 1 Initial certification expeditiously, we offer two sessions of our 5-Day Contractors Intensive in 2020, one April 5-9 and the other November 8-12. Both courses take place at The Stone Trust Center in Dummerston, Vermont.

For people aspiring to leap the Level 2 hurdle in 2021, we have scheduled a 4-day Walling Skills Intensive from April 12-15. Come assess your competence against DSWA-GB Level 2 Professional scoring criteria. Take away a clear understanding of how to focus your test preparation.

In light of the continuing pandemic, The Stone Trust is again postponing our Tenth Anniversary Celebration. We look forward to celebrating in 2022. In the meantime, our May 2021 slate of Vermont workshops includes a Test Prep workshop, a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling, a 2-Day Cheek Rebuild, and Spring Certification Test Day. May also includes  3-Day Advanced Walling workshop where participants will build arches, stiles, and other features. Registration for that workshop will open next week.

We also expect to offer workshops at affiliated sites in Isanti, Minnesota; Mont Vernon, New Hampshire; and Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Please keep an eye out for registration information.

2019 Test Day

We feel optimistic about the opportunities 2021 presents for homeowners, enthusiasts, and professionals to advance their knowledge and skill of how to create beautiful and functional dry stone artifacts. Review our Curriculum in Dry Stone and please come learn with us!

Thanks to everyone who registered for and attended 2020 classes, and also to those of you who registered but were unable to attend. To transfer tuition from a 2020 workshop, please contact We also welcome your questions and comments.