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2023 Fall Test Day: North American Candidates Preserve and Advance the Art and Craft

Fifteen candidates for Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) certification arrived early at the Stone Trust Center in Dummerston on Fall Test Day, Friday September 23.  Ten presented for Level 1 Waller certification. Three came to advance to Level 2 Waller status. And two arrived to accomplish Level 3 Waller certification. On site to greet them were Brian Post, DSWA North American Coordinator, and Pete Ryder, who took the role of site coordinator for test day.

Andrew Loudon, DSWA Master Craftsman & Chief Examiner and Master Craftsman/DSWA Assessor  Dean McLellan evaluated the candidates’ work. All but one of the wallers who were testing their skills and their stamina against the clock passed. He certainly would have, had he finished. You don’t pass if you don’t finish. The test requires you to ride the tension between perfectionism and being perfect enough in the time frame. A tremendous challenge! To understand the challenges at each level, please see the DSWA Craftsman Certification Scheme.


DSWA Level 1 Wallers: Jackson Conn, Luke Driver, Kyle Ellefson, Daniel Galbraith, Robert Grignaffini,  Matt MacDougall,  Ursa Medeiros, Jesso Wang, Maddy Wiryo

DSWA Level 2 Wallers: Ethan Bodin, George Harrar, Daniel Ryan

DSWA Level 3 Wallers: Kenny Davies, Alexander Hoffmeier

The Stone Trust is grateful to all of the wallers who came to demonstrate the knowledge and skill they have developed through coursework and experience. By pursuing the craft with intention and commitment you embody the knowledge that helps preserve and advance dry stone walling as a a tradition.

To understand how much your effort matters, consider that at its peak, the DSWA enjoyed the participation of forty-two Master Craftsmen globally. Now there are seventeen! How important that you continue to pursue the highest level of certification you can! The tradition lives on in those who live it, create through it, teach it, and assess the skill of others. Thank you!

Level 1 Waller Test

Level Two Test

Level 3 Test