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3.80 Level 2 Test Preparation Workshop

3.80 Level 2 Test Preparation Workshop Overview:

Prepare for your certification test! This workshop is perfect those planning to test. Learn tips and techniques to help you pass your test. There is nothing better to prepare! This workshop differs from typical workshops, including previous test-prep workshops. Each participant will be building substantially more wall, approximately the amount required for the test.  There will be 1 hour of instruction at the beginning of the workshop.  1/2 hour of instruction mid day, and 1 hour of evaluation at the end of the workshop.  At just $60 more than a pre-test (which has no instruction), it is a bargain! The rest of the time participants will be building on their own.  Taking this workshop will not guarantee you will pass you test, but our history shows that people who take a test prep workshop do have a dramatically better chance of passing. Pre-testing is also very important for improving your chances of gaining certifications.

Building at the speed required is one of the hardest things to achieve for wallers preparing to test.  This workshop gives participants the opportunity to do just that.  Each participants wall will then be reviewed so that they know what areas they need to focus on to improve their scores for the test.

This workshop is taught co-currently with 2.80 Test Prep for Level I


This course is taught at:


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Critical Information:

  • The workshop will run 9:00am-5:00pm with 1/2 hour lunch break.
  • Participants should wear boots and work clothes (have plenty of layers for cool weather)
  • What to bring:  gloves, safety glasses, water, and lunch.  (There is no where close enough to buy lunch with in the lunch break)
  • Participants need to bring their own tools

Detailed info will be emailed to you once you register including what to bring and directions.

Workshop quick guide:

  • Specifically for those planning to take Level II Certification
  • 1-day: 9am-5pm
  • Tips and tricks to pass
  • Learn what areas you need to improve on
  • Offered twice per year
Landscape Architects receive 7.5 credit hours for taking this workshop through the LA CES system.

Photos from 3.80 Level 2 Test Preparation Workshop:

Upcoming 3.80 Level 2 Test Preparation Workshops:

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