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Walling Basics Learned at the July Contractors Intro

Eleven of you arrived at the Stone Trust training site at Broadview Farm on a summery July Thursday. You came to learn the five basic rules of dry stone walling, the foundation for your future understanding of dry stone masonry. Your evaluations indicate that you learned what you came for. We are aware that you want to know more about pricing a project. You’ll find information about that in your thank-you message.

Some of you also want to learn to build retaining walls, steps & stairs. You’ve got two more chances in 2022, an October Medley Weekend in New Hampshire and a November Medley Weekend in Tennessee.

As for understanding more about engineering, you can find a fair amount of information in our blog. In their spare time — 🙂 — Stone Trust instructors are working on white papers to make engineering considerations and specs readily available for you.

Thanks to everyone for finding your way to the Contractors Intro. Most of you arrived from the Northeast. Heather came all the way from Alabama! We were sorry to disappoint with the cancellation of June’s Intro in Tennessee and appreciate your making the trip. Our 2023 schedule will take careful account of likely weather conditions. We don’t want to cancel on you!

When you use and share your knowledge, you help preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling.

Thanks very much to Pete Ryder and Ben Sandri for bringing their extensive know-how to the learning experience. It takes a waller to teach walling. It takes a teacher, too!

Further learning opportunities: Curriculum in Dry Stone