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Seven Memorial Day Weekend Events to Celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of The Stone Trust—Join Us!

Dear Members and Friends of The Stone Trust, We rang in the new year with a great sense of accomplishment because 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of The Stone Trust.  As we plan events celebrating our 10-year milestone, we take a look back with pride and gratitude, and look ahead with your support and shared…

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Postponed: Rock Your 10! (10th Anniv. Part 5)

See and present work by many wallers of all levels. Each presenter gets 10 minutes to show off their work in an informal, fun, and supportive environment! Come and present, or just come and watch. Enjoy good food and company!

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Postponed: 4.70/5.20 Slate Sphere Feature Build (10th Aniv. Part 3)

Building a dry stone sphere is challenging task, much appreciated by people of all skill levels. To celebrate 10 years of service for the preservation of the craft of dry stone walling we are paying our respect to the artistic side of the craft. Participants will get to learn about and gain experience splitting and…

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