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A Look Back at 2020 and Onward into 2021

2020 Annual Review Cover

Dear friends of The Stone Trust,

Those of us who work regularly on Stone Trust projects count ourselves among the fortunate in this year of loss and suffering for individuals and communities across the nation and the globe. We hope you, too, find yourselves among those who remain healthy and secure. We feel inexpressible sorrow for every person who has lost loved ones, livelihoods, homes, and the supports that employment may provide that give access to health care. We at The Stone Trust believe in the power of our training to help people develop skills that allow them to earn  by building with stone and to maintain businesses that employ others. That belief is one of the several factors that inspires our mission: We preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walling. Another factor: people of all kinds love building with stone!

Our Annual Review includes a break down of the motivations of those who came to learn from us in 2020. We are using that information to guide our planning for the next three years. We hope you will follow this link to read our one-page strategic plan. The report will also give you an overview of our finances and allow you to picture some of The Stone Trust’s successes during the past year.

2020 Annual Review Cover

Our long-time friends and supporters have been expecting to receive The Stone Trust’s annual appeal, which arrives reliably in people’s mailboxes in early December. As with many other situations in 2020, factors beyond our control delayed it this year. Thanks to the numbers of very generous people who are already remembering us with gifts, despite the delay. I am moved by your commitment to the ongoing development of The Stone Trust’s capacity to teach all the people who want to learn to build with stone.

I am also grateful to the demonstrated commitment of our board members, all of whom contributed to a matching fund that doubles your donation to our annual appeal. Please read about the pledge and our board’s intentions for utilizing the resources our supporters so generously give.

If you are already a donor and/or if you have engaged with our programs and services in some way, you can expect to receive our appeal materials in the mail just as soon as the Pony Express can get it to you. It went into the mail Wednesday, just in time for the massive winter storm that is dropping feet of snow on the Eastern Seaboard. If you would like to join the community of people inspired by the enduring beauty and function of stone work in landscapes throughout human history, around the globe, as well as wherever you live here and now, we welcome you and are grateful for your financial support. Our board members will double all new and increased donations.

Warm good wishes to all for happy holidays and a healthy, thriving 2021!