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A Virtual Experience of a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling

Get a glimpse of a 2-Day Introduction to Dry Stone Walling workshop by watching this video. First, you’ll take a tour of Scott Farm. Next, Brian Post, former Executive Director now Director of Education & Training People, will welcome you to our indoor training site. (Be sure to look carefully at the curved wall to note its high level of “fit and finish,” achieved through expert use of stringlines and batter frames.) Then imagine yourself among the participants in the Wall Park, working together to apply the the basic principles of building a structurally sound dry stone wall.

The 2-Day Intro introduces you to basic stone shaping, shows you how to split stones using feathers and wedges, and lets you spend time setting up batter frames and stringlines.

This video was filmed at our Dummerston Training Center.  This year you can choose among four workshops each taught in a different location:

Two-Day Intro, July 18 & 19, Minneapolis, MN

Two-Day Intro, Aug 1 & 2, Mont Vernon, NH

Two-Day Intro, September 19 & 20, Dummerston, VT

Two-Day Intro, October 10 & 11, Barre, VT

For a full course description of the 1.20 Introductory dry stone wall workshop click here.

The video was produced pro-bono in 2019 by award winning documentary film maker and dry stone waller Alan Scott-Moncrieff. Thank you Alan!