About The Stone Trust

The mission of The Stone Trust is:


To preserve and advance the
art and craft of dry stone walling.

The Stone Trust is a rapidly growing registered nonprofit organization that provides education, training, and consulting services.  We advocate for the preservation of existing dry stone walls and promote using the correct structural standards for the construction and restoration of dry stone walls.

The Stone Trust organizes its curriculum to incorporate the world-wide industry standards developed by the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) of Great Britain.  Certified DSWA instructors and examiners facilitate workshops and certification tests at The Stone Trust Center.

The Stone Trust is proud to be a resource of dry stone walling for homeowners, contractors, designers, and government agencies.  We share our excitement with all dry stone wall enthusiasts.

Site of the dry stone wall center
The barn on the Scott Farm where the Stone Trust Center is located

Dry stone walls everywhere inside the barn
Inside the barn

Dry Stone Wall with master craftsment features
Master Features Park Wall


Indoor workshop building dry stone wall
Indoor workshop building dry stone wall

Mini Dry Stone Walling at table height.
Mini Dry Stone Walling at table height.