About Landmark Trust USA

Imagine renting the former home of a Nobel Prize winning author, or staying in a centuries old Vermont farmhouse that for 20 years was home to Carthusian monks, or relaxing in a Sugarhouse in the midst of a 571 acre farm or even enjoying a Greek Revival farmhouse that offers unspoiled views of over 30 miles to Mount Monadnock. The Landmark Trust USA rescued these properties from abandonment and neglect and now offers them for vacation rentals

The Landmark Trust USA (LTUSA) is a tax-exempt, non profit corporation established in 1991 to carry on historic preservation work in America according to the model established by the Landmark Trust UK. We identify neglected properties of architectural and historical merit and then restore them using traditional skills and methods. Rescued buildings are then sustained as “living history” by making them available year-round as vacation rentals for those seeking inspiring places to stay.

The properties selected for restoration are submitted to an evaluation process that investigates and ascertains historical importance, structural integrity, market appeal, cultural relevance, and durability. Once cleared through that process a financial analysis determines viability of adding the property to the existing LTUSA mix, and then finally a business plan is developed that will drive success of the investments.

Naulakha in May

LTUSA now owns properties built between 1800 and the 1930’s all of which have been fully restored, fully furnished and kitchens thoroughly equipped. These properties are very comfortable for short-term holiday rentals and offer every guest the chance to live as the original owners did, to feel the artisanship of the time and to read from the ample supply of literature provided. Every effort has been made to offer you a cultural vacation in a property surrounded by the natural environment. Call 802-254-6868 or email  for more information.

Vacation Rentals:

Through The Landmark Trust USA you may rent a several historic properties that are on or border Scott Farm. These rentals are convenient places to stay when visiting the Stone Trust for workshops and tests, and support our shared missions.

Available Rentals:

  • Rudyard Kipling’s estate, Naulakha, where he penned “The Jungle Books” and “Captains Courageous” and introduced skiing to Vermont.  Sleeps 8.
  • The 1845 Dutton Farmhouse which overlooks the Scott Farm apple orchard and Mount Monadnock and is a superb base for Vermont adventure.  Sleeps 8.
  • Kipling’s Carriage House, formerly the barn where Kipling’s carriage was kept, this is now a super comfortable and cozy place to stay.  Sleeps 4.
  • The Scott Farm Sugarhouse, cozy and snug, is an ideal honeymoon nest or a quiet retreat.  Sleeps 2The Sugar House is in easy walking distance of The Center. The other rentals are a longer walk or a 2min drive away.

There are also two basic studio apartments available for rent on Scott Farm for $75/night.  These are only available at certain times in the year (primarily early spring).  Being right on site makes these are very convenient places to stay for workshops and testing.  Call 802-254-6868 or email for more information.  These apartments cannot be booked online.

More information about rentals, pricing, and booking, can be found at the Landmark Trust website.