Master Feature Park

On the grounds of the Scott Farm is our outdoor Masters Park, which is ever expanding.  The Masters Park will eventually provide access to all DSWA Advanced (Level III) and Master Craftsman (Level IV) features.  There is also examples of different types of wall building methods and a great variety of types of stone.  The walls and features that make up the Master Feature Park are used for workshops and tests on a regular bases, so they are continually getting dismantled and rebuilt, with varying degrees of skill.

The longest wall in the Master features park with many dry stone features
The longest wall in the Master Features Park

Master dry stone wall Feature: Dry Stone Arch
Master Feature: Dry Stone Arch

Master dry stone wall feature: right angle
Master Feature: Right Angle

Master Feature: dry stone Step Stile
Master Feature: Step Stile

Master Feature: Dry Stone Squeeze Stile
Master Feature: Squeeze Stile