Stone Wall Park

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View of park across the pond from Scott Farm

Master craftsman test feature on 30° slope and Intermediate test wall

Granite Moongate set in a high wall.

Stone Bench built by Jared Flynn

View of features at the Stone Wall Park

Arch niche made of slate roofing

Feature Build at Scott Farm

Curved wall built during Advance Test inside The Stone Trust barn

Steps built at Step & Stairs Workshop w/ Master Craftsman test features

Stone column built by Jared Flynn

Free style Herringbone retaining wall

On the grounds of the Scott Farm is our outdoor Stone Wall Park, which is ever expanding. Set on a hill near the pond and overlooking the nearby mountains, it’s the perfect place to take a stroll among the beautifully crafted stone structures and enjoy the view.

When wallers take their Advanced or Master certification tests, they’re required to build several features, such as sloped walls and arches. These features remain and become a permanent part of the park. There are also examples of different walling methods (Galloway, Fedein, etc.) and a great variety of stone. Many of the walls and steps that make up the Stone Wall Park are used for workshops and tests on a regular bases, so they are continually getting dismantled and rebuilt, with varying degrees of skill.

Feel free to stop by any time during daylight hours and walk among the walls.  Also check out the Indoor Training Center in the lower level of the 1862 barn.