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An Empowering Two Days at the Women’s Intro!

Kim Coggin writes…

When Judy and I arrived at the barn the first morning, there was cool misting of rain coming down with a chance of clearing that afternoon.

The first days instruction started off beautifully as we welcomed everyone in, got acquainted and warmed up from the cold.

The indoor and heated facility was a most welcome surprise to the participants.  They were all very thankful that we have an indoor facility to do our workshops. We just roll the doors down, turn on the heater and it’s party time!

Before we get started, I always ask the students to take a picture of their assigned section of wall, so that they will have a before and after photo to compare with.

By the end of day one, everyone had learned the basics of dry stone walling, and just as importantly, the creation of the bonding comradely. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone in the group to know they have their support.


The day two weather was a bit worse than day one, but we were inside!…

Doing this type of work often results in soreness and stiffness, even for the most experienced of us.  Judy offered to lead the group in some stretching and warming exercises to get everyone loosened and ready for the days activities.

After the warmup everyone was eager to get started on “their” walls again.

Being now familiar with the rules and techniques of the craft, the ladies made easy work of the remainder of the walls, and their level of work is excellent. As soon as they finished, this is when you see every student scampering to take a picture of their completed work. The place was full of smiles and the feeling of accomplishments was warming the entire barn!

Many commented that the amount of wall and material seemed daunting on day one.  But at the completion of day two they were amazed that the walls was totally rebuilt, and not only rebuilt but built better !

A very empowering moment for all of us.