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Help build the retaining wall! Antrim Grange #98, NH, Historic Rehabilitation

“What started as a simple sill repair to the gable end turned into the discovery of the need for much more.”

–András Lazar, “Historic Significance: Antrim Grange No. 98,Hearting: The Annual Journal of the Stone Trust, Issue 1, 2021

András knew that a retaining wall would be necessary to manage water flow. Newly placed sills, too, need to be protected from rot. You can see from the photo that András, project lead, and Pete Ryder have gotten a good start on the retaining wall foundation. And they can use some help to get the wall in place before winter. Six wallers per day will get the wall done!

You’re Invited!!

WHO: As many as 10 to 12 volunteers per day. Come work for a day or as many days as you are willing!

WHAT: Community Retaining Wall Build

WHEN: Sunday, September 25 thru Thursday, October 6. (“Not planning to do Saturdays,” says András, “But if enough volunteers are willing I will certainly accommodate!”

WHERE: Antrim Grange No. 98, 107 West Street, Antrim, NH 03440

WHY: For the joy of walling with others, to build your skills and friendships, to help preserve the historic Antrim Grange No. 98.

HOW: One stone at a time.

Qualifications: Any Introductory Course from our Curriculum in Dry Stone and/or 2.13 Contractors Intro or 2.60 Contractors Intensive, PLUS 2.20 Retaining Wall Workshop. DSWA Level 1 Waller Certification desirable.

Ideally each work crew will include one DSWA Level 2 or above waller to support each volunteer waller with a lower level of certification.

RSVP: or call (802)980-6200