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Retaining walls are hard, but fun! April 23, 2022

One of our Stone Trust instructors always invites students to leave the wall better than they found it. They usually do, just like you did! You are the first workshop to apply the five basic rules of dry stone walling to the retaining wall you stripped out and rebuilt. In 2020 we built that wall to accommodate social distance, but no occasion arose to teach on it. Thanks for building it better!

For the most part you report that you learned what you came for, expressing confidence that you can practice and apply the basic principles to retaining walls at home, at work, or on the trails. Feel free to send photos. We love to share participant submissions.

Those of you who would like to know more about stringline and batter frames may want to check out Setting up batter boards and Good batter frames keep a complex project on track.

For more information about the earth side of the wall, here’s a post on Retaining Wall Challenges.

You may also find some of our blogs of value, for example Master Class: Problems and Planning. You’ll find plenty of valuable info in the Master Class blogs.

Thanks so much for coming to learn at the Stone Trust! And thanks to Sam Brakeley and Daniel Arabella for sharing their breadth and depth of knowledge in a fun and engaging way.