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Building steps and stairs: A wall with extremely modified batter!

A cool, gray, late-April day greeted the ten of you who came to build steps and stairs. You analyzed the structure and composition of four different existing stairways, one made of large granite steps, a couple from large slabs of schist, one constructed of smaller stones. Somebody said, “Great workshop! I appreciated the exposure to several types of stairs and associated challenges.”

You considered rise and run, drainage, how to move large stones. All that accomplished, you took what you know about building to counter the forces of gravity and friction–the five basic rules–and put it to work as a member of a crew.

From all reports, you worked at a good pace. No one struggled to finish. You worked well together and seemed to enjoy each other’s company. That’s the point!

You told us that you learned a lot. We hope you had a very good time and that you are hard at work on your own projects, building with confidence and know-how.

Thanks very much for traveling to learn from Ben Maron and Michael Weitzner. We appreciate the effort it takes to get here. Some of you came from the Pacific Coast–a twelve hour flight with several transfers. We did our best to make it worth your while!