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After the Intro the Next Step: Cheek Ends!

You all learned a lot and had a good time at the August 2-Day Intro and Cheek Rebuild workshops! So glad and thanks very much for the feedback.

The photos tell the story–from the foundation with no stringlines and batter boards to the first lift where those tools for ensuring a smooth-faced structure are evident (No wonder almost all of you said you can explain to a friend the meaning of “batter” and the role that it plays in creating a structurally sound dry stone wall!) to the copes on a finished wall built using the five basic rules.

The photos also show you working together, concentrating, smiling–steady labor and a good time.

And there was Joe building his cheek end and tying it back into the wall you were building. Guessing that’s why one of you said, “Next step: Cheek Ends!”

Do come back when you’re ready to add to your dry stone walling know-how. Maybe you’ll want to build a stone arch bridge like the one in the photos!

Judy Rand and Pete Ryder enjoyed working with you as much as you expressed pleasure at working with them. Thanks to both for making the time to share what they know.

Let us know if you have further comments and questions. And thanks very much for doing your part to preserve and advance the art and craft of dry stone walls!