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August Last Calls and Upcoming Workshops

The Stone Trust Center, Dummerston, VT

Don’t miss the chance to learn the 5 basic principles of dry stone walling in just one day at the 1-Day Introductory Workshop on September 9th. Registration closes August 13th.

The Stone Trust Center will also host a 2-Day Introductory Workshop and a Cheek Rebuild Workshop on September 23-24. Come enjoy a fall weekend in Vermont learning about dry stone walling. Registration closes August 27th.

Test Day on September 22

The Stone Trust will host its second test day of 2023 to certify Level 1 and Level 2 Wallers. Test Day in May was a huge success with 13 wallers becoming certified. Certification has many benefits that you can read about here. The Stone Trust represents the Dry Stone Walling Association (DSWA) as the certifying entity in the U.S.

Registration for test day must be completed one month in advance, or by August 22. You can register for Level 1 or Level 2 certification.

If you are looking for other certification opportunities, you can join the Minnesota Contractor’s Intensive on October 16-20 or the Barre Contractor’s Intensive on October 23-27.

Vermont Granite Museum, Barre, VT

Come learn about stone shaping at a site with a museum dedicated to stone and sculpture. The Vermont Granite Museum will host a Stone Shaping workshop on September 9th. Learn how to use different tools and shape stone depending on the type of stone you are working with. Registration closes August 13th.

The Stone Trust, PA, South Fork, Pennsylvania

Don’t miss the chance to take a 1-Day Women’s Introductory Workshop with the first and only female Level III Waller in the United States, Kim Coggin. Learn about dry stone walling from and surrounded by other passionate women on September 16th. Registration closes August 20th.

The Stone Trust, PA will also host a 2-Day Introductory Workshop and a Cheek Rebuild Workshop on September 23-24. Learn how the basics of building the faces of a freestanding wall, or a wall end if you have taken the introduction already. Registration closes August 27th.

Northland Landscape Nursery, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Stone Trust, MN will hold two individual 1-day workshops on Sept 9th and 10th. On September 9th, we welcome anyone interested in dry stone walling to come and learn the basics at a 1-Day Introductory Workshop. On September 10th, come learn how to build a dry stone wall from two of the five women qualified to teach a Women’s 1-Day Workshop! Registration closes August 13th.

Opus 40, Saugerties, NY

Opus 40 is a world-famous sculpture park and museum with 55 acres of meadows, forested paths and bluestone quarries — centering on 6.5 acres of remarkable earthwork sculpture — in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Saugerties, NY. The Stone Trust collaborates with Opus 40 twice a year to host introductory and cheek rebuild workshops at this incredible site. May workshops were fully enrolled with people excited to learn the craft of dry stone walling and view the restoration of Harvey Fite’s opus, led by Stone Trust professional member Brian Post. Come to the next round: 2-Day Introductory Workshop and Cheek Rebuild Workshop on October 7-8!

October Medley Weekend in NH

Join the Stone Trust, NH for the last medley weekend of 2023. A medley weekend allows you to learn a variety of stonework skills in just one trip. You can choose between multiple workshops across 4 days to maximize your learning. See below for the medley weekend schedule:

1-Day Introduction  Thur, Oct 19
Stone Shaping  Fri, Oct 20
Retaining Wall  Sat, Oct 21
Flatwork  Sat, Oct 21
Steps & Stairs  Sun, Oct 22