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Waller of the month: Dario Coletta

DARIO COLETTA (Massachusetts) has spent the last 10 years or so designing and building in dry stone in the western part of the state. He holds Level II DSWA-GB Certification. Dario writes: “The Stone Trust has really been the key for my continuing improvement and dedication to the fine art of stonework. Every visit to the Trust, whether taking a workshop, testing, instructing, or volunteering, inspires me to improve my craft.”

Featured above: Garden retaining wall with step stile. The retaining wall was installed with the intent of extending the patio space and creating a functioning kitchen garden. The garden itself is a Hugelkultur style garden in which biomass materials are used to build up the substata of the garden. As the biomass material decays it acts as a water reserve for the garden growing above as well as increasing organic material in the soil.

Built on a foundation ranging from 12” to 18” deep of 3/4” stone, the wall averages 4-1/2’ feet high with a 25” cap and grindstone accents. Dario was fortunate that a client gifted over 300 feet of 19th century stone sidewalk and he incorporated the beautifully patinated stone into the wall, including most of the caps.

Pictured below is an additional view of wall with cheek end and boundary wall in background.

To learn more about Dario and his company, D. C. Stoneworks LLC, click  HERE.