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Waller of the month: Dave Fielder

DAVE FIELDER (Massachusetts) began working with stone in 1995. “My father and I rebuilt an old stone barn on the west coast of Scotland, later that summer I was fortunate enough to work with Dave Goulder [DSWA Master Craftsman] on a farm wall near his home in Rose Hall, Scotland. It was here that I began earning certificates with the DSWA.” Dave Fielder is now himself a DSWA-GB Master Craftsman.  He primarily works in Nantucket and New Hampshire.

To learn more about Dave and his company, Nantucket Dry Stone Wall Company, click  HERE.

This eye catching wall turns a classic New England front yard into an enclosed private space. The wall is built with local field stone and features a squeeze stile, corner, and a slightly protruding cope. Cornish, NH