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Had a blast and learned a lot! Intro to Dry Stone Walling at the Stone Trust Center, August 13, 2022 (VT)

You brought a range of experience to the August 13 Intro to Dry Stone Walling workshop. Some of you came with experience of craftsmanship as woodworkers. Others brought a bit of  hardscaping-landscaping background. Some of you were trying out walling for the first time. A couple of you came as father-son pairs. One of you came with your partner–a surprise! It looks like you all had a very good time, learned a lot, and went home feeling pretty confident in your ability to apply the five basic rules of dry stone walling to your own projects. Good luck with them!

TJ Mora and Karl Gifford enjoyed teaching you, as you enjoyed working with them.

Thanks to all of you for coming! What you know about building dry stone walls helps preserve and advance the tradition. Thanks for helping.