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Your New Best Friend: Batter Boards

Brian Post Demonstrates Batter Boards

For those of you new to dry stone walling, the dictionary defines a ‘batter’ as a “receding upward slope of the outer face of a wall or other structure.” At Stone Trust workshops you learn how opposite walls sloping towards each other contribute to the longevity of a dry stacked stone wall.  Typically that batter is a slope of 1″ in on both sides for every 6″ of wall height.

To achieve this batter as you build, you use batter frames and stringlines as a guide. Many types of batter frames exist. Through the Stone Trust, you can purchase one designed and built by Seth Harris, DSWA Level 3 Advanced Waller, Stone Trust instructor and professional member. A rugged, rot-resistant white oak board that secures two pieces of rebar with eye bolts. The frame allows you to build at the correct angle for a 1:6 batter. (The recommended 6 ft., 5/8″ rebar is not included, but is available at building supply stores.)

Watch the video below to see Brian Post show you how quickly you can set up these batter frames on site. They also disassemble easily, so they’re ideal for moving from job to job. Use these frames to achieve an accurate batter on all your walls.

You can purchase them individually or in a set of 3 at The Stone Trust Store.